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Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I get an estimate over the telephone?"

As much as our office staff would like to provide you with an estimate over the phone, we prefer to have one of our experienced estimators visit your home to physically inspect what is needed.  

"What is your price per foot?"

We do not price homes based off of the footage alone, there are many factors that go into an estimate.  

"Do you do repairs or clean-outs?"

Yes, we do.  We want nothing more than for you to have long lasting rain gutters, and will gladly get you scheduled for a free estimate. 

"Do you do or clean lawn drains?"

We do not install or clean drain lines that most downspouts drop into. For an installation of a lawn drainage system, we recommend you call a landscaper.  For a lawn drainage problem, we recommend you call a plumber.

"How far are you scheduled out for installations?"

This will vary with the seasons.  Winter is our busy time of year.

"How often should I clean my rain gutters?"

We recommend that your rain gutter system is maintained at least once a year.  If you have trees around your property, you may need to have them maintained more.  We recommend that you do this prior to winter.

"Why do I need to have maintenance done on my rain gutter system?"

All of the debris from your roof will accumulate in your rain gutter system.  Without being properly maintained the downspouts can become clogged creating a back up to the rain gutters.  Back up of debris creates a perfect home for rodents, insects, and birds.  When moisture is added to the debris, it will weigh down your rain gutter system, allowing it to pull away from the home.  This can allow for the rain gutter to become sloped incorrectly (allowing water to remain in the gutters, creating a breeding ground for mosquitos), or for the rain gutter to become unhinged (possibly fall from the home), or pull the fascia away from the roofline. 

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